Repair Your Reputation and Recover Confidence


Six Strategies for Recovery After Crisis

And One You Should Never Consider

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Sound Familiar?

Worried that You May Never Get Over This?

Are you tired of ruminating about this every day?

Is Lack of Confidence Keeping You Paralyzed?

Are you stuck and don’t know how to move forward?

Is Shame or Humiliation Keeping You Isolated?

Do you feel like everyone is always looking at you?

Everyone Is Looking at Me

...Or Are They?

My desire to help those in crisis happened almost by accident. I was trying to recover my own reputation and sense of confidence after a professional humiliation in a job that I loved. I knew I would not be able to move forward until I got over the feeling of not fitting in. I imagined friends and colleagues pitying me, wondering if I did any of the things I was falsely accused of.

I hated wondering what they were thinking. Surprisingly, some team mates approached me during that time to offer support. Many wondered how I had the guts to hang in there, when they themselves would not be able to weather the storm.

As I opened up more, I realized many were on my side. That was the beginning of the repair process. My next step to recovery came when I hired a coach who helped me gain clarity and insight.  Without her help I would not have made it through. And then I realized I could take this experience, turn it around and harness what I had learned and help others repair and heal.

Confidence After Crisis

Let's Get You Back in Action

Almost everyday, I meet people who share stories of their own shame, humiliation, embarrassment, trauma, workplace mobbing or bullying. In the end it does not matter which disaster got you here, or whether or not you had a part in it. What matters is taking back control in your life with courage and strength, with competent, guided support.

Confidence Regained

Wake up ready to walk with intention and purpose through your day.

Get Your Life Back

Be the trusted friend and colleague, caring parent and engaged spouse who your family and friends know and love.

Become Better Than You Were

See the upside. Come back stronger and with PTG. Post traumatic Growth

Complimentary Reputation Assessment Session

Your Chance to Experience Working Together

During your complimentary assessment session, I will help you determine your current status, create a clear picture of where you would like to be and uncover self-defeating thoughts and self-sabotaging actions that are keeping you stuck. We will put together a specific plan to help you move beyond the pain to peace and purpose. Schedule your best available time.

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