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Six Strategies for Recovery After Crisis

And One You Should Never Consider

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From Confidence, through Trauma and Back on Top

Like most people who have lived long enough, I have suffered instances of embarrassment and shame. At times by my own poor decisions and sometimes from having trusted an unworthy person. More recently however, I suffered a setback which knocked me to the ground. In this instance, I was an innocent victim. I was publicly and professionally humiliated without much opportunity to fight back.

As I was searching for something, anything really, to help me get back on track, I read a quote, “a rumor can spread across the globe, before the truth puts it’s pants on.” That was certainly the case in my situation. Still, I was committed to recovering my reputation, which up until that point had been stellar. Relying on friends and family helped a lot, but even they began to tire of listening to the effects of my situation.

I had always enjoyed a glass of wine after work, but after this incident, I was drinking more, which was affecting my sleep and health. Even my blood pressure went up. All this from a situation I had no control over.

As time passed, I read a lot of others experiences. Many of them enduring great cruelties from total strangers. As unpleasant as these stories were, they gave me some relief to know that there were people who were in worse situations than me. Maybe you’ve read some of these stories too?

Once I was in a better place, I found a great coach who specialized in working with people in the field I worked in. These coaching sessions helped me bounce back at work. It is through these sessions that I regained clarity and inspiration to help people recover after traumatic and humiliating experiences.

That’s when I decided to become a certified coach. My training combined with extensive research and personal experience, as well as a Masters Degree and background as a counselor, make me motivated, qualified and dedicated to help you.

I’m going to share how to work through your experience to get you whole fast and in one piece. I have resources and a system that will give you “oxygen” and new life. I have worked formally and informally with people going through situations where they have been humiliated, slandered, defamed and embarrassed, sometimes from their own choices and sometimes as innocent victims.

You may want and desperately need to tell your story. I am here to listen objectively and help you move away from the event with dignity and purpose. This WILL NOT define you.

There is nothing more satisfying to me than seeing a person come back to life, to have hope and to know they can get back to being themselves again. The information I’m sharing, is for you. When I think back on that time in my life, what I really needed was someone to help me through it all, rather than taking on the burden entirely alone. That’s what prompted me to be that for you.

If you’re ready to experience the same results as I did, I’d like to invite you to book a free Reputation Recovery Session. I’ll help you put your experience in perspective, develop the tools to move forward and get back to being your best self.

Jennifer Cunningham, M.S., Certified Coach

Certified and Degreed

Certified Coach from Coach Training Alliance, which holds accreditation from the International Coaching Federation. Master’s Degree in Counseling; Coaching and therapy are very different, and my background in Counseling is important to mention because it reflects a commitment to the helping profession. I have a strong foundation of ethics. I have worked with persons of all ages around relationships, career and personal issues. After coaching hundreds of individuals on career, relationships and more recently, recovery after crisis, I know what to ask to get you to facilitate your own growth. I use empathy, balanced with insight and powerful inquiry to understand your story, help you decipher its deeper meaning and propel you to action-oriented results.

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