EMDR Therapy

There are many levels of trauma and what constitutes trauma for one person, may not affect someone else at all. Our sensitivity levels are all different; we have differing levels of resiliency. We each bring a variety of personal histories to every situation. I mention this because some of you may be reading this and thinking, what I went through does not require therapy, and that may be true. But others of you may be unsure. Perhaps what drew you to this site was part of that search. You are thinking about coaching but are not yet sure it’s the right time to take full advantage of the benefits of coaching because you are still in shock from the trauma. All of these feelings are normal.

I want to tell you about EMDR therapy. If you have suffered a traumatic experience and are here searching for avenues that will give you relief and help you feel better, there is a form of therapy that I have used myself, with great success. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a newer form of therapy that has had very beneficial results for those who have used it. Originally used with military for Post-Traumatic Stress, this new therapy is now being used with anyone who has experienced a traumatic incident.

In a nutshell, EMDR therapy is a systematic process that re-exposes you to the trauma by activating certain parts of the brain until the trauma lessens. It’s not that you forget the trauma but its negative effects are lessened. To read more about the technique and to find a trained therapist, Cick here . EMDR is not talk therapy and its results are quick. Talk therapy, EMDR and coaching all have great benefits. Choosing the most appropriate one for you and your particular situation is the best question you can be asking yourself. If you’re still unsure and want some help deciding, book a free session with me and we can discuss it. My goal for you is to get you back to you, or better.

Free Reputation Recovery Session​

If you’re ready to take the first step to saving your reputation, I’d like to invite you to speak one on one during a complimentary (no obligation) Reputation recovery Session where together we’ll get clarity around your recovery, uncover what needs to happen to get you back on track, and create a plan to come back better and stronger than before.

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